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Merran Hergert is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law. There she earned a Juris Doctor (JD). Prior to law school, Merran earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta. Following her undergraduate degree, Merran worked in the field of intergovernmental relations with the Government of Alberta. Her interest in the public law dimensions of that work motivated her to attend law school, alongside her commitment to the pursuit of social justice and equality. 


During her time at Allard, Merran acted as a research assistant for two professors in the area of constitutional law—Professors Hoi Kong and Yuvraj Joshi. These positions developed her keen interest in the field of constitutional law, as well as in law and society studies. In 2022, Merran was invited to present her research at the Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues’ Canadian Law Student Conference. Throughout law school, Merran acted as Co-President of the Law Students’ for Decriminalization and Harm Reduction—a student group dedicated to education and advocacy regarding the harmful effects of continued drug prohibition. She also volunteered with the Law Students Legal Advice Program as a clinic head and legal clinician. 


Following her articling term, Merran will go on to clerk at the British Columbia Supreme Court in the year 2023-2024

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