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Through the Looking Glass: Independence & Regulation in BC Today

Lawyers, judges and the legal system have recently been under criticism. Elected officials are expressing their views about the outcome of court cases and the conduct of counsel through the media. Meanwhile, the provincial government has proposed significant changes to how the profession is regulated.

Alison Latimer, KC is pleased to be co-chairing this conference on April 12 that has an impressive line up of speakers, will complete your ethics credits in one session, and explore the following topics:

Independence of the Bar

Is it acceptable for lawyers to be criticized in public? Is it just part of the ‘dialogue’ between the justice system and elected officials? If so, where is the line between political statements and lawyer independence? How do we weigh the public interest against the rights of clients and interests of lawyers? Presenters examine these questions and consider the ethical role of the lawyer when it comes to protecting their clients’ interests.


Marilyn Sandford, KC, Lawyer, Ritchie Sandford McGowan Barristers

David Layton, KC, Appeals Prosecutor, Ministry of Attorney General

A New Regulatory Framework

The new Legal Professions Act will propose one regulator for lawyers, notaries and paralegals. But will this new model meet the test of lawyer self-regulation and sufficiently protect the independence of the Bar? How will this impact the way legal services are delivered? If you haven't had time to learn about the regulatory changes, now you can hear from the main people involved.


Jeevyn Dhaliwal, KC, President, Law Society of BC

Scott Morishita, President, Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch

The Hon. Niki Sharma, KC, Attorney General of BC 

Judicial Independence

Hear from judges themselves on how they approach difficult cases and unpopular decisions, while managing courtroom conduct. They reflect on judicial independence in today’s hostile environment and discuss what role the government, Bench and Bar play to uphold this principle.


The Hon. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson, Supreme Court of BC

The Hon. Beverley McLachlin, Former Chief Justice of Canada

The Hon. Judge David St. Pierre, Provincial Court of BC

In person and virtual attendance available.

Register here!


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